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Most beef is consumed in America and Australia. But it is becoming more and more popular in Europe as well. Germans annually consume ca. 12 kg per capita of beef.

Our customers favor our beef strip loin which belongs to the most tender part of the animal. It is part of the hindquarter and has a fine-grained structure. It is tender and especially suitable for pan-frying, oven roasts and barbecues.

Classical steaks such as the fillet steak are cut from the finest beef.

Product Nr
Roastbeef PAD 420001
Roastbeef, boneless 420002
Topside without cap 420003
Topside with cap 420004
Silverside flat 420005
Tenderloin, chain off 420006
Entrecote bone-in 420007
Knuckle 420009
Knuckle PAD 420010
Eye of round 420011
Eye of round PAD 420012
Neck, boneless 420013
Neck, bone-in 420014
Rump heart 420015
Beef carpaccio 420016
Trimmings 90/10 420017
Trimmings 80/20 420018
Tongue 420019
Innards on request