„Best quality goods“, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.



Pork is the most frequently eaten meat in Europe and East Asia. It is the most popular meat for Germans. On average, they consume approximately 54 kg pork per year.

Product No.
Pork tenderloin head-on, chain off 121443
Pork tenderloin head off, chain off 121125
Head of pork tenderloin 121394
Pork loin, boneless 121047
Pork collar, boneless 121239
Pork topside, with cap 121134
Pork topside, without cap 121048
Pork belly 121186
Pork shoulder 121444
Pork front knuckle 121398
Pork back knuckle 121399
Loinribs 121139
Knuckle 121445
Special products for gastronomy
Pork minute steaks 121468
Cutlet in slices 121469
Cutlet 121470

Beste Qualitätsware“, Flexibilität, Zuverlässigkeit und Frische!

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Best quality goods, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.