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About us

We offer the best quality goods, flexibility, reliability, and especially freshness.

Over the past 26 years, we have been able to establish ourselves in the international market due to our transboundary knowledge of the market. Over the years, we have enhanced our import and export business, which has enabled us to deliver tons of

Our wide range of products has over the years been steadily extended to include, amongst other things, poultry, and in particular the Polish oat-fed goose, as well as beef, pork and game. Our newest achievement deserves a special mention: we have managed to launch our own “Gold Gans” brand.

Together with our partners and with the help of our modern logistics, we are able to deliver our products fresh or frozen within a short amount of time to your location anywhere in Germany, Europe or worldwide.

Over the years, we have become a supplier of special products to the Asian market.

Our target groups are commercial business partners from the meat industry, gastronomy, hotels and retail.

Our suppliers are exclusively EU-certified establishments which meet all mandatory requirements concerning quality control and control over our products’ origins. The long-term experience of all participants helps to ensure market-driven prices and best quality.

Nothing can get in the way of creativity in our in-house kitchen. Our openness allows our clients and us to realize ideas for new products.