„Best quality goods“, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.



Our convenience products are ready-made food, where certain processing stages have already been undertaken. With these kitchen-ready products, we facilitate your preparation since you do not need to do several required preparation steps.

Product Piece No.
Spare Rips Barbecue x 400000
Spare Rips Classic x 400001
Mini Knuckles x 400002
Chicken Piccata x 400003
Pork Schnitzel 120g 400004
Pork Schnitzel 160g 400005
Cordon Bleu 160g 400006
Schnitzel, precooked 150g 400007
Minced cutlet filled with cream cheese 150g 400008
Mini rissole 20g 400009
Pork minced meat filled with cream cheese 3x120g 400010
Zucchini with vegetarian filling 180g 400011
Pepper with vegetarian filling 200g 400012
Chicken Schnitzel 160g 400013
Cauliflower Cheese-Medallion 145g 400014
Vegetarian Schnitzel 145g 400015
Turkey Schnitzel 160g 400016

Beste Qualitätsware“, Flexibilität, Zuverlässigkeit und Frische!

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Best quality goods, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.