„Best quality goods“, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.

In-house brands


Innovation is one of Polfood’s key cornerstones. Therefore, we are always striving to expand our product range for our customers.

We orientate ourselves to current market developments and combine these with many years of expertise. The variety of products under the brands “Gold-Gans” (Eng. Golden Goose) and “Gold-Ente” (Eng. Golden Duck) were based on this consideration.

Crown Beef Bacon

Another premium meat product launched by Polfood is “Crown Beef” bacon. Our beef bacon is an alternative to conventional pork bacon, and is also halal.

Years of experience

Our long-term experience with high quality goose and duck products, along with the ever-growing desire for quickly prepared meals, has resulted in our refined “Gold Goose” and “Gold Duck” sous-vide product range. Most importantly, we have created our sous-vide products without any loss of quality or flavour during the production process.

Responsible poultry farming

Our own brands “Gold-Gans” and “Gold-Ente” stand for responsible poultry rearing. In line with our company values, animal welfare is very close to our hearts. This is why Polfood GmbH places above all else the provenance, rearing, feed and perfectly-coordinated transport of the animals.


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Beste Qualitätsware“, Flexibilität, Zuverlässigkeit und Frische!

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Best quality goods, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.