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For the sake of our planet and its inhabitants

How we can combine ecology, economy and social aspects?

Our company wants to face the challenges of the modern world – challenges that are directly related to our business operations, but also those that have a long-term impact on our planet. We also share this responsibility with other companies that cooperate with us and together with whom we strive to grow. Transparent cooperation is essential in order to actively advance the collaborative improvement of sustainable work processes.

Animal welfare

Polfood is an international meat wholesaler. For this reason, we are particularly committed to the topic of sustainability in relation to the origin, feed and transport of animals. All suppliers we work with are IFS and BRC certified companies. Regular audits take place at our premises and at our suppliers. We want to guarantee our customers the highest standards possible and be able to prove them.

We have been certified in order to be able to offer our customers a new range of organic chicken products. Organic farming offers many benefits for people, animals and nature. With regard to animal welfare, improved husbandry standards are being implemented for our poultry. We are determined to expand our range of organic products in the future.

Producing efficiently

means having modern technological equipment, as well as an implemented quality management system. One important aspect has become clear even in the planning phase: reducing the consumption of products, water, energy and cleaning usage. Polfood obtains our goods primarily from Poland. Most of the companies we work together with are funded by the EU and are therefore equipped with operational facilities. As a result, companies can achieve improvements in the areas of efficiency and sustainable energy supply. The employees in these companies particularly benefit from the promotion of better working conditions.

Digital Office

We want to conserve as many resources as possible. Polfood therefore has merchandise management systems that allow us to digitally store the majority of our documents and print them out only when they are needed for archiving.


Polfood supports the expansion of electromobility. With the help of subsidies, we have set up charging stations in our parking lot to help improve our air quality and minimize CO2 emissions.

Dealings with our employees

A friendly working atmosphere based on respectful dealings with our employees is key at Polfood. This goes hand-in-hand with topics that are always on our agenda, such as fair remuneration, participation in decision-making processes, occupational safety, and work-life balance. Our employee satisfaction is the top priority in our company. Polfood gladly supports the ideas of our employees and gives them free rein to implement them. Only joint responsibility leads to the further growth of our company.

At the same time, the small size of our team encourages a mentoring atmosphere, where less experienced employees can expand their knowledge. The constant control of CO2 levels is a part of our day-to-day work life, due to the fact that the health of our employees is of the utmost importance.

Sustainable packaging

Our overriding goal is to keep our packaging waste as low as possible. All packaging from our suppliers has a corresponding declaration of conformity to ensure food safety and cleanness of our food products, while respecting the environment.

Short transport routes

We are an internationally operating company with a focus on the development and maintenance of intra-regional value chains in the Central European region (goal 12). Most of our products cross the Oder border. We focus on efficient and environmentally friendly trade routes.

Gender equality and promotion

Equality and promotion of our employees are important cornerstones of our company. Through the role of our managing director, who is also active in the Association of Polish Entrepreneurial Women in Germany, we are also committed to promoting female entrepreneurship. Almost half of our employees are young people, who are entering the at-present difficult job market. We also offer a flexible working-hours model for parenting employees. We attach particular importance to the further training of our workforce, which we gladly finance.

Storage and processes

Our warehouse is equipped with the most recent cooling technology and food defense. This ensures energy-saving storage and cooling, ensuring compliance with the prescribed cooling temperature. The strategic positioning of our external warehouse enables us to deliver goods to our customers through our freight partners in the shortest time possible.

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Beef Bacon Streifen

Beef Bacon slices

HALAL, 20x 500g, in a 10kg carton (€16.99/kg)
- +
Carton count
Beef Bacon Würfel

Beef Bacon cubes, 5x 5mm

HALAL, 20x 500g, in 10kg carton (16,99€/kg)
- +
Carton count
BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs 1 Vac

HALAL, approx. 10 kg carton (16,50€/kg)
- +
Carton count
Pulled Beef

Pulled beef

10 kg carton (20 x 500 g bags)
- +
Carton count
Pastrami Deluxe

Pastrami Deluxe

HALAL, approx. 10 kg carton (18,99€/kg)
- +
Carton count
Beef Merguez


HALAL, 5x 50g, in 10kg carton (16,50€/kg)
- +
Carton count
New York Beef Hot Dog

New York Hot Dog

HALAL, 5x 50g, in 10kg carton (14,75€/kg)
- +
Carton count

Beef cheeks

HALAL, approx. 10 kg carton (19,99€/kg)
- +
Carton count
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Best quality goods, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.