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Polish Game Meat

Poland ranks among the world’s most famous hunting grounds; its native game meat is highly prized. Polfood brings exclusive Polish game meat to the German and global markets, offering roe venison, venison and wild boar.

Hunting is a passion and, as a recreational sport, is strictly regulated by law. For the humans of the Stone Age, hunting was essential for survival. Over the millennia, many changes in the arts and laws of hunting have taken place. Today, conventional hunting means cherishing and maintaining the forest. Hunters see hunting as the most natural way of utilizing the game population.

Serving suggestions

The unique taste of game meat gives every meal a special aroma, enabling the preparation of varied, flavoursome dishes. The saddle can be served in the classic way, as a whole roast, or cut into medallions, since the underside of the saddle offers the most tender meat: the fillets. Neck, ribs and flank are suitable for ragout, while rolled joint is perfect for roasting. The haunches are ideal for roasts or schnitzel.

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Best quality goods, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.