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Polish Goose – Tradition and history

As early as the 18th century, polish geese were being exported from Poland. But instead of being delivered deep-frozen or fresh by truck within a few hours, these flightless birds had to walk around 1,000 km to Germany in flocks numbering sixty thousand.

When German importers funded the cross-border marketing of the Polish goose in the 60s, its commercial success became assured.

At Polfood GmbH, we discovered the Polish goose and have, with a clear conscience, been offering high quality goose and goose parts in our range for years.

Facts and figures:

  • 4,000 tons of goose meat is produced each year in Germany. This covers only 15 per cent of demand. The rest is mostly from Poland or Hungary.

  • Polish farms produce approximately 20,000 tons of goose meat per year – more than any other country in the European Union;

  • 95% of this meat is exported.

  • More than 80 % of all Germans annually choose the Polish goose for Christmas.

  • Polish geese originate from green Poland, e. g. from Podlachian or Bialystok.

  • Our geese are not force-fed, which is legally prohibited in Poland, and not live-plucked.

  • The producers have all necessary certificates, and most notably the IFS certificate.

  • Their controlled feed consists of: grass, herbs, cut nettle, and young grains.

  • In the final three weeks, oat is added to the feed in order to achieve a special taste.

  • Our geese are raised for at least 100 days.

Goose meat is particularly healthy and nutritious. 100 g contain:

  • approx. 300 kcal
  • approx. 15 g protein
  • approx. 420 mg potassium
  • approx. 12 mg calcium
  • approx. 184 mg phosphor
  • approx. 25 g fat

Furthermore, goose meat is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and the important B-Vitamin Niacin.

So say yes to the Polish goose more often – not only at Christmas time or on St. Martin’s day!

Beste Qualitätsware“, Flexibilität, Zuverlässigkeit und Frische!

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Best quality goods, flexibility, reliability, and most especially freshness.