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We think sustainable

Many consumers do not exactly know what ‘sustainability’ means since it covers a wide range of definitions. The social aspect of sustainability encompasses the concepts of demography, education and health. Equal opportunities, added value and quality are part of the economic aspect. From an ecological point of view, sustainability stands for climate / energy and resources, as well as biodiversity.


  1. Social services
    1. Demography (population science)
    2. Education
    3. Health
  2. Economy
    1. Equal opportunity
    2. Value creation
    3. Quality
  3. Environment
    1. Climate and energy
    2. Resources
    3. Biodiversity

Since the Polfood GmbH is an international meat wholesale, we take special care of sustainability regarding origin, food and transport of the animals. We regularly collect new information about sustainability and we take part at seminars and workshops on an ongoing basis, for example, the GS1 at Cologne. This is necessary since this field is steadily growing. It is always possible to learn something new because sustainability is a progressive/ongoing learning process.

The population’s awareness of sustainability has obviously increased as it becomes more and more important that we safeguard the future

We obtain the bulk of our goods from Poland and most of the firms we work with are established with EU funds. This leads to more modern businesses which in turn entails water, sewage, waste and energy savings. The employees of these firms also profit from this funding due to better working conditions.

Our service begins with the producer of our goods and ends with the customer. In between there are various logistical solutions. Keeping transit distances short is very important to us, since this enables more eco-friendly activities and results in cost savings.

For all our products, we produce a proof of origin. We guarantee with certificates that our Polish oat-fed geese live in free-range conditions and do not endure force-feeding or live-plucking.

Each person should deal with the topic of sustainability on their own, just like the Polfood GmbH already has.